Carla Axtman Photography: Blog en-us (C) Carla Axtman Photography (Carla Axtman Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Carla Axtman Photography: Blog 120 120 U2 Joshua Tree Tour, Seattle 2017 In times of uncertainty and frustration, there's a comfort in revisiting the familiar. U2 is a band that's been with us for decades, their riffs and refrains now ingrained into the soundtrack of our lives. It was with that attitude that I entered Century Link stadium in Seattle to take in their revisit of their Joshua Tree album. Joshua Tree is the penultimate U2 masterwork which includes such songs as "With or Without You", "Where the Streets Have No Name", and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", among others. 

As I shuffled up to my spot near the rail, I was anticipating a great concert. What I witnessed was an exceptional musical performance. We watched four men who've been working together for decades, showing respect, friendship, and love to one another as well.

It was, in every way, an inspiration.



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K+C Adventure Long Beach Day Two: Good Day Sunshine Just up the road from Long Beach is the town of Ilwaco.  It's a small, harbor village that seems to be hanging on by a thin thread. Many storefronts in the downtown core are vacant, and the smattering of houses in the town's few blocks are a mix of historic structures in need of a major overhaul, cozy beach cottages and expensive homes with spectacular views.

‚ÄčLike many small towns looking to draw tourists and locals, Ilwaco boasts a fairly vibrant Saturday market:

Quilt LadyI've dubbed her Quilt Lady...obviously.
Minkoff Barry Minkoff, maker of handcrafted knives and wooden cutting boards.

EvelynEvelyn De Asis, proprietor of delicious produce.

Farmer's markets tend to have lots of color, texture, and some very interesting people. Learning how all these folks came to be here and why is fascinating to me.  The things they make or acquire or sell are reflections of where they've been and often where they want to go.


And now, breakfast. Not just any breakfast.  A short stack of marionberry pancakes from Laurie's Homestead in Seaview:



Marionberry PancakesMarionberry pancake breakfast from Laurie's Homestead, Seaview, Washington. (iPhone shot)

Why Carla will never be a runway supermodel: reason #715. But then we go for a hike because even non-supermodels want to burn off a short stack. Not a bad place for a hike, eh?

Long Beach BoardwalkA gorgeous afternoon along the boardwalk in Long Beach, Washington.


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K+C Adventure: Long Beach, Washington (Day One) I'm fortunate in my life to have a wonderful partner, Kevin. He and I love to go places. We have an uncanny ability to find joy and adventure in our travels whether it be a Sunday afternoon drive along the backroads near our Oregon home or a full-fledged vacation to a new locale.

Recently, we spent a few days traveling in and around a place neither of us had previously been: Long Beach, Washington. It was three days of sunshine, great food, beautiful scenery and a little bit of photography.

Map of our tripHere's a little map snippet of the area where the pictures you'll see were made. That little peninsula that includes Long Beach is beautiful and fraying, all at the same time.
We set out from our house and drove first to Astoria, Oregon. It was such a beautiful afternoon that we decided to make a stop at Astoria Column to take in the views. Yeah, this is actually what it looks like. Oregon is basically Middle Earth.


Astoria-Megler Bridge (iPhone)Astoria-Megler BridgeThe Astoria-Megler Bridge, as seen from the overlook at Astoria Column. (iPhone shot)

When I was in the eight grade, our class visited this spot.  As I recall we climbed to the top. We skipped that part this time because it was 90 degrees out, which means it was probably 120 degrees inside that thing. Also, it wasn't fitting in with our desire to be lazy-ish.  So we stood back and admired it. And wondered allowed why John Jacob Astor got to have a giant cigar named after him.


Astoria Column(iPhone shot)

Basically, this entire drive is a location scout's dream.  Which makes sense, since Hollywood makes movies in Astoria.

Young's River viewAnother Middle-Earth-like view, this one of Young's River (at least I think that's what this is-iPhone shot)

By the time we had dinner and rolled into Long Beach, the sky was preparing a pretty spectacular show. 

Sunset at Long Beach, WashingtonSunset at Long Beach, shot on iPhone

Nothing could really top that fantastic sky, so we drove back to our room and called it a night.  Day Two was too jam packed to stuff it into this post. But get ready, because we saw ALL THE THINGS. Also, I actually managed to take some photos on my Canon, not just iPhone.

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